Derp Wars – Sunhilda Post 15

This arc took twice as long as it should have.  I blame me.


A Quick Thought

So many good concepts, destroyed.  So many dreams, laid to waste.  They could have created art, and stood out, and been visionaries.  Instead they squander potential, and pander, and shun innovation in the name of the status quo.  And the worst of it is that they still believe that they are breaking new ground.

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“Easy, kid.  Let her be.”

“Let her be, let her be?!  Captain, I’m sorry, but…  Six missions, six high-combat, critical missions, and she has fired her weapon twice.  She provides no suppressive fire; she doesn’t even try to pressure chokepoints.  I understand she’s from a high pedigree, sir, but she’s dead weight.”

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A Few Comments on Clones

If you were to meet your clone, what would you say?  What would there be to say?  For how long would you just stand there, dumbstruck, and speechless?  The same history, the same personality, the same conclusions drawn.  Throw out the pointless questions of which one is real, or how did it happen; the concept is far more intriguing than the cause, but it is the cause which so many people get so hung up on.

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