Derp Wars – Sunhilda Post 4

Remember what I JUST told you about Beer 30?  Yeah.


Princeless (revisited)

“Excuse me, excuse me, Lord Grimkris, sir?  I know you’re really busy, but, would you mind kidnapping me, please?”
“What’s this now?  You’re offering yourself to be kidnapped?”
“Well… y-yes, you see, my kingdom doesn’t have a prince right now, and well, we were really hoping we could get one before the war season starts!”
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All creatures must adapt to their physical surroundings.  Trees in a moist area will spread their roots wide, while trees in a dry area spread them deep.  Certain fish or reptiles can change the color of their skin to blend in with nature.  Humans with all their knowledge were once forced to build shelters out of the materials they had available regardless of viability, and learn how to eat the plants and animals of the region regardless of convenience.  Even today, with a global economy of resources, manufacturing, and storage, mankind is forced to adapt when a late frost kills crops, or when workers go on strike, or when a source of energy runs dry.  But now, the adaptation is price.  Due to the said global economy, it is very unlikely that any natural resource or commercial good would be completely unavailable.  But the rarer it is, the more it will cost to obtain it, and for humans, everything starts and ends with money.  Money has become the “unnatural resource” that humans need to survive.  And for every human there is a red line of cost where they will refuse to obtain something they need, or even want, and the closer they get to that red line the less inclined they are to obtain it in the first place.  They will adapt to their surroundings, and settle for a lesser product to fulfill their needs rather than impoverish themselves for what they have grown accustomed to.

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