IRC&D – Character Bio Text Dump


A proud kobold of above-average height but below-average weight, born with wings and a snow-white hide, signifying strong draconic heritage.  There are no traces of scars or hard work on his body, giving a handsome yet unimposing look to him.  He sports finely tailored clothing in various brown shades, accented with minor jewelry, a signet ring, and a bowler hat; whether this makes him any more presentable is debatable.  He rarely slouches and often uses his wings to fill out more space than he actually does, a daunting task for a creature that doesn’t even make it to most people’s waists.

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Believer – Scene 5l

“Well, your degree sounds a lot more in demand than mine; I’m sure you’ll get a good job!”

He grits his teeth again.  “Yeah…  a good job at seventy hours a week.  Can’t have a girlfriend with a schedule like that.”  Luke leans over and gives Marcie a quick kiss, which she tries to make last as long as possible while still being “quick”.

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It could be something – d

However hard the breeze tried to blow the smell into the trees, she trailed it from one street to the next, leading her to a place she would have needed no nose, eyes, or ears to find.  To almost anyone else it was a storage shed next to an old manor, the kind one might keep garden tools or firewood inside.  To her, it was still a storage shed next to an old manor.  What it was did not matter.  The door was short, but she was shorter; she crept inside without so much as brushing her ears against the head.

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