A Quick Thought

So many good concepts, destroyed.  So many dreams, laid to waste.  They could have created art, and stood out, and been visionaries.  Instead they squander potential, and pander, and shun innovation in the name of the status quo.  And the worst of it is that they still believe that they are breaking new ground.

At what point did they stop caring?  Oh, they didn’t stop at all once; some parts of them still hold on, the arm unaware of the calamity that is befalling the body.  But no matter how hard the arm works, it is a meaningless gesture.  They sacrificed artistic integrity for the safety of money.  They are a business, of course; the bottom line must be held.  But even so, a business is in the position to observe what works, and what does not, and yet they still keep sending out the same tired tripe over and over again when it is clear that something is wrong.  The face is new, but the body is old, and even the new face is conspicuously similar to the old ones.  It will sell, but for how long?  How weak do the sales have to become before you realize?  How bloated must the warehouse of unoriginally be because you stop filling it?

And yet, we wait.  We hope.  We pray for the next one to be “the one”.  We anticipate and sit on the edge of our seats, and even when we are disappointed, we get right back onto the edge of the seat and instantly forget how they just failed us.  We see their heart still beating; we know they could be great.  But what we do not know is if they ever will be again.


{Another one of these.  Just had to get it out of my head for now.}


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