Captive dragon incident

“I shaw a dragon onshe, you know… only onshe.  I’ve been hoping to find them for four yearsh now, and after all that time… one.

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God’s Magic

“Look, I can’t stand it.  I can’t stand watching her come home, with that bleak look on her face, like nothing is ever going to change.  I can’t stand knowing how damn close she is to finding something that will give her hope, or a purpose, or whatever it is she needs right now.  And I can’t stand that I can’t help her cheat and bridge that tiny gap.

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“Easy, kid.  Let her be.”

“Let her be, let her be?!  Captain, I’m sorry, but…  Six missions, six high-combat, critical missions, and she has fired her weapon twice.  She provides no suppressive fire; she doesn’t even try to pressure chokepoints.  I understand she’s from a high pedigree, sir, but she’s dead weight.”

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Kidnapping in Progress

“This is imperative, Andrew.  Imperative.  She must not know how she will be taken, and no one must see her be taken.  She must vanish, Andrew, vanish without a trace.  And after she vanishes, you ride.  You ride as hard as you can, as far as you can, using as many horses as you can.  Ride to the edge of the world if you have to, and you dump her there.  Do [i]not[/i] kill her, Andrew; killing her is not the point.  The point is to remove her from the board long enough for us to show the problem inherent in the monarchy:  it forces too much onus on too few mortal men and women.  Having her vanish sows seeds of doubt, rumors of defection, any variety of things we can take advantage of.  They’ll have to let us try an alternative, once we combine the princess’s disappearance with everything else.

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