“I resolve to write at least 100 original words every day during the year 2013.”

My name is Owen, and this is why I am here.  And if you’re reading this, this is also why you’re here.  You probably already know who I am (since I doubt I’ll get any viewers who I don’t directly link this to), but if you don’t it doesn’t matter.  This blog is not about that, nor is it actually about blogging.

I’ll force myself to be brief:  I love writing.  I love it more than most hobbies I pursue.  And while I am never short on inspiration, I am frequently short on motivation, and constantly at war with procrastination.  When I stop writing, I tend to forget just why I love it so much, and so it becomes hard for me to start again.  I know that I want to keep writing, and part of me knows that I need to keep writing.

Every day I’m going to write something new.  Maybe a little, maybe a lot, maybe not always about the same thing, and maybe not in chronological order, but I’m going to keep my momentum going strong for as long as I can.  In that regard this site is as much for me as it is for you, but I hope you enjoy whatever you may find on it anyways.

As of late September, my resolution has been broken, but for a good reason.  I’m not someone who just does things for the sake of doing them, and during September I found myself being forced to “do” writing just to keep the resolution going.  I wanted to stop myself before writing became a chore and became something I disliked.  I feel that good things came out of this resolution, and I’m glad I made it, but writing needs to remain a pasttime for me, not a requirement, and in the midst of college I can’t find the focus to write daily.

In the real world I am 26 years old, have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and am currently obtaining a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering.  I live in Smalltown, Michigan, U.S.A., and no that is not the actual name of my town.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I have finally FOUND you, OWEN.

    I am Legend. I am random person who discovered THP a few months ago. I’ve never posted in any stories/CYOAs, because all the ones I try to catch up on are either miraculously dead a week or so before I have caught up, or completed/dropped years ago.

    I read ASSM a little while after I first discovered THP, and even though it had it’s faults, I loved it to pieces. A few days ago I discovered AFT, much to my joy, and have been reading that off-and-on since then. Ever since I started reading your work I’ve tried to find out where you are on the world-wide web. Funny enough, I found this place from a rather simple search I should have tried all along… but I digress.

    Now that I HAVE found you, I can thank you properly. Thank you. Your stories are some of the best Touhou fan-works I’ve had the pleasure to experience. And your characterizations are lovely. Especially Flandre, who I’ve been obsessed with since forever. (I guess you can call me a flan– I mean, fan. Haha, I’m sorry, bad pun.) I hate most of her fan interpretations. So it’s been a pleasant surprise to read yours and find her so likable~

    As an added bonus to my completed goal, there are a whole lot shorts you’ve written here that I can go and read. Whoo, this has made my day~

  2. I too procrastinate, although I claim a love for writing poetry. If only I spent more time writing than thinking about writing. I admire your goal! 100 words per day! Whew! I’m envious.

    • Thanks, Jeni! Honestly one hundred words a day is a really small goal compared to what a lot of other writers write daily, but I didn’t want to bite off more than I could chew. Best of luck in your poetic endeavors as well!

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