IRC&D – Character Bio Text Dump


A proud kobold of above-average height but below-average weight, born with wings and a snow-white hide, signifying strong draconic heritage.  There are no traces of scars or hard work on his body, giving a handsome yet unimposing look to him.  He sports finely tailored clothing in various brown shades, accented with minor jewelry, a signet ring, and a bowler hat; whether this makes him any more presentable is debatable.  He rarely slouches and often uses his wings to fill out more space than he actually does, a daunting task for a creature that doesn’t even make it to most people’s waists.


Often well-tempered and quite charming, but very elitist on the inside.  Kraaxek was raised constantly being told that because of his draconic traits he was special, that he was below no one, and that he was destined to become a great visionary who would lead the kobolds of his warren to prosperity.  While he believes this in earnest, he is usually smart enough to not taut such a philosophy loudly.  To this end he treats others with civility and even pity, because he humors those who are not as “blessed” as he is, but this can just as easily lead to abject patronization on his part.  In all this the crushing realization of the irrelevance and the spurning of kobolds in the world at large is a fact that he is constantly reminded of but constantly tries to ignore, believing that he can destroy that stereotype single-handedly.

Important Note

Kraaxek has a defined lisp; any “S” sound with come out as “Sh” instead.  This makes him sound sort of like a high-pitched bad impersonation of Sean Connery.


Kraaxek was born to perfectly common kobold parents in a cavern network occupied by multiple other kobold tribes, as well as a sizable dwarven population within whom the kobolds constantly fight.  Born with the wings and scales of a white dragon, Kraaxek was instantly elevated to celebrity status and heralded as the future savior of their tribe, so glorified were dragons to his people.  Though the best kobolds have to offer is not very much, Kraaxek was entitled to it: the choicest food, the finest clothes, the prettiest girls, and unlike most kobolds, actual schooling from an old kobold sorcerer of a neighboring tribe.  The sorcerer taught him the importance of magic to creatures of their size, but more importantly he taught him the power of words and charm, of winning battles without having to ever fight them.

This intrigued Kraaxek greatly, and so when he was 15 years old (the prime of a kobold’s life), he vowed to become a great bard, and embarked on a “pilgrimage” so that he could learn about the world, and more importantly, so the world could learn about him.  He endeavored to grow stronger, wiser, and more well-known, so that one day he would become powerful enough in magic and in voice to bring his warren to an age of prosperity, and eventually his entire race as well.

Highlights of his adventuring years

— Subjected to a swift reality check as he learned what a joke kobolds were to the outside world.

— Found work as a librarian’s assistant since he could read and write Draconic, Common, and Undercommon.  Often transported books to neighboring towns and cities, making his face a not-uncommon sight, and would delight in performing book-readings or story-telling in the evenings during his travels to practice his bardic skills.

— His constant inquiry into odd jobs, which initially started as the citizens humoring “that little white kobold who tries so very hard”, eventually began to prove to the region his competence in negotiating and problem-solving, as well as combat.

— First claim to fame was the defusing of a situation with the regional Thieves’ Guild, granting immunity to his original cluster of towns he called home in exchange for backdoor inroads to more profitable ventures, as well as a special “favor” he did for them which involved his ability to be invisible, and his ability to be 28 inches tall.

— As his knowledge of different languages, odd skills, and elocution increased, he began to travel with various caravans, convoys, and adventuring parties, acting as an interpreter and diplomat, among other things.  His average ability in combat was rarely called upon, which was probably for the better.

Dremsjathaln – The proper name for the cave network where Kraaxek lives, though only kobolds will call it this; other races (even other Draconic-speaking races) simply call it Greygrend Caverns.  It takes its name from a game played by adolescent kobolds, similar to Tug Of War.  The players are divided into any number of teams and hold a part of a large circle of rope, with teams positioned together.  The goal is to pull your team’s section of rope past a goal circle drawn behind you.  The “dremsjathaln” is actually the name of the rope itself, and the caverns are named as such because of the constant multi-directional pull for land and resources that dictate life within.

Dwarven relations – The tension between the dwarves and the kobolds in Dremsjathaln is not so much an ideological war as a constant feud and territory grab.  Resources are scarce within the mountains and both sides want all they can get.  Battle and reclamation is not exactly civil, as all is fair in war, but both sides understand that it’s a zero-sum game and don’t flip the board too much.  Prisoners of war are made slaves on both sides, and are occasionally traded; while neither side like it, both begrudgingly admits that it works.

Fidelity & Children – The warrens of Dremsjathaln do not have traditional marriage.  Males and females are generally free to mate as they choose, though mating is viewed by both genders as one of the truest forms of kinship.  One-night stands are thus extraordinarily rare; the two will tend to know each other quite well beforehand, and will remain mutual friends from the experience afterwards.  The kobolds tend to feel they are the “owners” of their former lovers, and it is considered rude to bed a prospective mate without first asking “permission” from their former lovers first.  As expected, tangled webs of former mates and questions of “who owns whom” is a devilishly deep societal topic that baffles most all other races.  Should a hatchling result from a mating the friendship between the lovers is multiplied twofold, though more from a sense of pride and ownership in their child than familial obligation.  Kobolds who show no care for either their mates or their hatchlings are viewed as weak and spineless; while there is no formal punishment, the societal scorn is its own detriment.  Children are cared for by one or both parents during the early years—no one gender trends more than the other—and then raised by the community as a whole, though the parents still tend to provide for them, again out of feelings of ownership.  Disputes between child and parent often end in physical confrontation, and until the child is able to match its parent in strength and skill it is not considered an adult; ceremonial competitions of adulthood are held thrice a year.

Dvaapgin – Kraaxek’s father.  A scout and crossbow sniper.  Very proud and boisterous, jovial to a fault, but deadly serious and even honorable in combat.  Dvaapgin has no other sons by his own decision, which is a rarity in their culture, but in his view he has produced the greatest of sons that shall never be matched.  He died in battle when Kraaxek was 15.

Zelp – Kraaxek’s mother.  A trapmaker and trapsetter.  Distant and calculative; prefers to never have to see or think about any who fall into her traps.  Struck up a relationship with Dvaapgin as they were often stationed on stakeouts together.  Has very limited magical capabilities but never trained them beyond a few cantrips; the dragon’s blood is from her side, not Dvaapgin’s.

Rookmik – Kraaxek’s mentor.  An old kobold sorcerer from a neighboring warren.  Has seen enough war and adventure to know what works and what doesn’t in life, but no kobold that is already grown and set in their beliefs will listen to him.  Taught Kraaxek not just magic, but the value of poise and propriety, looking and acting in control rather than just being in control.

Sharraza – Kraaxek’s “crush”.  A miner and appraiser.  Hale and unassuming, though she’s unusually good-natured compared to most kobolds.  As a blessed and pampered child, and intelligent and charming to boot, it took almost no effort at all for Kraaxek to win the hearts of the young ladies of the warren.  Sharraza for whatever reason was not so easily swayed, and the absence of control Kraaxek had over her perplexed him in the presence of so many other willing girls.  Though he is not infatuated with her, he still seeks to win her over, or at least learn why he cannot.

Kreetal – The mother of Kraaxek’s first child.  An apprentice alchemist.  Very direct and shameless.  Was enamored by Kraaxek’s popularity like all the young lasses, but was wholly committed to winning him over regardless of the cost, and it served her well.  Loves to flatter and to be flattered, but won’t hesitate to remind people of what the reality is if it serves her needs.  Is happy to look over their child while Kraaxek is away.  Like Kraaxek’s father, Kreetal has taken no other mates by her own choice.  She has secured the best of men, and to settle for any less is beneath her now.  She has allowed Kraaxek to pursue other mates, which he has, but she is fiercely protective of her status as his first and the mother of his only child.

Aagon – Kraaxek’s only son, born from Kreetal.  Brown-grey scales and no wings seems to indicate the draconic blood was not passed on.  Very scrappy and combative, unlike his father; he takes after his mother more as she’s raising him while Kraaxek is on his “pilgrimage”.


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