Questions answered, but never asked

Why do you enable him?  Why do you encourage him?  Why do you even acknowledge him?  Can you not see?  Do you not know who he is?  Do you not understand what it is he is doing?  How can you be so blind as to not see what he himself has telegraphed for you a mile away?

Isn’t it obvious that he is begging for attention?  What does a person who craves attention do, if not the very things that generate attention?  And why do you try to call him out on it?  Why should he care what kind of attention it is?  Does he care if he lives on forever in infamy, as long as he lives forever?  Is that not the dream of everyone who dreams of making a name for themselves?  To live forever?  And so why should he stop, if his name has become a household name?  And why are you surprised when he doesn’t?

How can the solution be so hard for you to understand?  Do you cure someone with an anger management problem by yelling at them?  Do you stop a thief by stealing from them?  Then why do you think you can stop an egotistical attention-whore by telling him that he’s wrong?  Wouldn’t that just feed the fire?  Make him feel like he’s important enough to be corrected?  Thus, what is the obvious solution?  And what is more obvious of a solution than the very question presented:  Why do you enable him?

But rather, ask yourself:  Why don’t you stop enabling him?


{On a site, there lives a man.  This man was once a troll.  Then he became a clever troll.  Then he became something… more.  He delivers substance, but only after a period of trolling and self-indulgence, and the trolling continues immediately after the substance is delivered.  He possesses delusions of grandeur, but he is not incompetent, and in fact is of above-average skill.}

{I think he might just be a jerk.}


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