Derp Wars – Sapphire Post 3 (incomplete)

But no, no, of course not; you can’t just wimp out and half-ass the rest, because you’d never be able to live with yourself if you did.  And you can’t ask for help, because [i]you’re[/i] supposed to be the person that the other girls look up to for direction.  Sometimes it really sucks being responsible, though; you don’t have Sakuya’s time-cheats or Tullia’s great big heart or Remilia’s charisma to get you through the tough times.  One of these days you just [i]know[/i] you’ll get there, though!  And then you can rub it in their faces by showing that you don’t need to be special to be special!

This to-be-revised paper is an absolute mess, all the same.  It reads like a bad piece of internet fiction, giving you the worst of both grammatical errors [i]and[/i] content errors, both of which you’re supposed to annotate away while explaining why you did.  You have a sneaking suspicion that the professor actually [i]did[/i] pull this straight from some seedy underbelly of some amateur website; she’s young enough to be with the times like that.  Of course, you’ve got an even worse suspicion that [i]she[/i] was the one who wrote it, and that’d just be all kinds of awkward.  Seriously, why is it [i]always[/i] about fawning true love and tortured similes that only get less romantic the purpler the prose becomes?

You still don’t know what Remilia and Flandre see in those Twilight books.  They both claim that it’s irony of the highest level, but you’re pretty sure if there was a joke in there it wouldn’t be aimed high enough to go over your head.


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