Derp Wars – Sapphire Post 2 (incomplete)

You’re not even going to give Therese an inch; if you engage her in conversation you’ll never be rid of her.  Be firm with children and they’ll usually leave you alone. You tell her you don’t want to do whatever it is that she’s about to suggest; you already have “plans”.  She asks you what if she was about to suggest not bothering the other girls tonight, hmm?  You say don’t start that; she knows what you mean.  She then of course asks what [i]kind[/i] of plans, and you say that they’re [i]your[/i] kind of plans, not hers, so go be cuh-razee someplace that is not this immediate vicinity.  You attempt to punctuate the request with a COMMANDING VAMPIRE LEER; the effect leaves something to be desired, as Therese is still standing there once you’ve turned it off.

She sighs and says she’ll leave you alone, but seriously girl, if you stay by yourself all the time you’ll never have any fun in college ever!  These are the best years of your life, when you can try anything and still be young enough to appreciate it!  You thank her for her concern, but you think you’ll be all right.  That’s what they [i]all[/i] say, she jabs back as she leaves you in peace.

That was a nice little distraction from your Literature Revisions homework.  Normally you’d prefer to work on it over the weekend, but Remilia laid on some pretty strict rules for your ladies’ night, one of which is that if you have any outstanding homework by seven o’clock, the whole thing is off.


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