A Writer

You don’t create a story because you want to write.  Maybe at first, when you’re just starting out and the concept is new to you; when you’re merely testing the waters of your own talent.  You create a story because you feel moved in your heart to write; because you believe in writing and the value that it brings to yourself, and to the world.

But that’s only Step Two.

A heart is a beautiful thing.  But it is also a fickle thing.  Affections can shift from beautiful creature to beautiful creature in the blink of an eye, and you might “love” every one of them.  But you do not really love every one of them.  If you would love them, you would care enough to give just one of them the love they deserve to come to fruition.

A writer is not moved in their heart to write; they are moved in their gut to write.  It’s not something that makes sense, or can be explained, or even sounds all that appealing; it just is.  Write enough, and write good enough, and you will feel yourself compelled to write more.  Finish enough, and you will feel compelled to finish more, as you realize both consciously and subconsciously the satisfaction seeing something to the bitter end brings with it.

{Had internet problems last night and couldn’t get this to post.  Apparently it didn’t post this morning when I tried to post it, either.}

{Inspired somewhat by a conversation with a friend.  I’ve said similar things before, but it never hurts to say it again.  Sometimes I need the reminder, even if I’m the one saying it.  Especially since now I’m at college and have all the free time in the world, none of which I will remember to set aside for writing.}


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