The Ransom

“Look, dear; sit down, sit down…”

“There’s no way for me to explain to you in short a short time exactly who it is I am and what I do, so please; just listen, and try to imagine.”

“I am the ransom.  I am the price that must be paid.  The thing that you never wanted to sacrifice, but that you know for the greater good you must…”

“I represent someone in a position of very high authority and power, who, if I told you their name, you would surely respect.  People in power get there by being the greatest, but they cannot stay there simply by doing the same, no; they surround themselves with others who are nearly as great, and delegate to them the tasks which they once did themselves, but now are too great to bother doing anymore”

“I gave up my life for the cause, my child.  My hopes and dreams, my desires, my personality; all of it sacrificed to keep the system working, because it’s too big to fail now, and I’m the only one who knows how to fix it.  The master is too busy playing the game to bother looking at the rulebook anymore; that’s my job.”

“I wanted to tell you this, because things…  Things are about to happen.  Things that I will have to do.  And I will have to do them because nobody else will.  People will say things about me, if they say anything at all about me.  And I just want you to know, dear…  I do not hate this life I have chosen.  No matter what happens and what it may seem like, I do not want you to feel sorry for me.  I do not decide to be the ransom because I must.  I do it because I can.”


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