Sunhilda Post 13 (incomplete)

{Another partial; busy day}

All right; first, we must establish the ground rules, girls:

1. If you get a gutterball, you take a drink

2. If you get two gutters in the same frame, you [i]finish[/i] your drink

3. If you get a strike, everyone else takes a drink

4. If you get a split, you take a drink

5. If you [i]pick up[/i] your split for the spare, everyone else finishes their drink

Are we cool on these rules, girls?  No Flan, this is a public place; clothing cannot be substituted for drinks.  Yes, Tullie, you can drink pop instead.  Umm, wwwellll…  Okay, Flan, fine; clothing [i]can[/i] be subbed for drinks as long as it’s not underwear.  That makes sense, right?  Nobody’s here besides you girls anyways.

The game beginneth.  You’re pretty sure you’re nowhere near being drunk yet, so you’re allowing yourself to show off a little.  Just simple stuff at first:  left-handed shots, hook shots, and that weird approach you see some of the pros do where they, like, shotput the ball across the ground without even using the finger grips.  That costs you a fair share of drinks before you finally give up and go back to behind-the-back shots.

As expected, Koishi is dead-last, and it’s a wonder she’s even knocking over pins with her little six-pounder kiddy ball; you think she [i]might[/i] even be more pathetic than Patchouli trying to bowl.  Wait, no…  Patch is still worse.  Definitely still worse.  Flandre’s basically trying to be a bigger showoff than you, and failing, because come on, she’s using a boring old black bowling ball.  [i]Soooo.[/i] lame.  You’re actually finding it hard keeping ahead of Tullia; she’s not very good on the strikes, but she can really pick up spares.


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