Brigadoon Commentary (b)

I feel that my commentary on Brigadoon—perhaps more than any other show I have watched—must be heavily prefaced with the phrase “in my opinion”.  Speaking objectively, this is a show whose worth hinges around the fact that it’s more than the sum of its parts, since, as mentioned previously, its parts are pretty generic.  However, I feel that whether or not the magic of the sum can trump the flatness of the parts is highly subjective, for the very same reason that I choose to use that word:  magic.  Brigadoon is a show that one must believe in to appreciate fully, since the charm does not lie on the surface, and it’s very easy to dismiss something with mediocre presentation as not worthy of deeper thought.  While I personally see and believe in the show, I can also see how others would not, and I can even accept that perhaps I am merely inventing what I’m seeing and subconsciously trying to make the show better than it is.


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