Derp Wars – Sunhilda Post 12 (incomplete)

{Lost track of time and did not get this complete, but I got some of it done at least.}

The Nue incident has been solved!  Again!  By Sakuya, no less, or at least by proxy since you used her knives, thus finally healing the years-old wound that she wasn’t asked to join the Ubiquitous Facilitators Organization.  Sakuya humbly tells you she didn’t really [i]want[/i] to run around saving the world anyways; that’s a young person’s game.  Koishi who has totally been here the whole time remarks that Sakuya looks pretty good for her age, then.  This predictably results in her getting her hat stolen.

You think you’ve sat around and boozed it up here long enough, though; it’s already after two!  You think you might be getting a little tipsy, but you just need some fresh air and something to get your blood going again.  You’re fine, honest!  Sakuya’s probably further gone than you are anyways, if her rather uncharacteristic smiles and laugher are any indicator.  Flandre… yeah, she’s, umm…  And Koishi of course hasn’t changed a bit, but you’re sure you saw her empty a few cups of sake.  Or… wait, did she?  She’s had a cup by her all afternoon.  Maybe she just wants you to [i]think[/i] she’s been drinking?!  Isn’t that how it works with her?  Oh that little skank; you’ll show her to not have a good time at your birthday party!

Tullia thinks it’s about time you were all getting along to something else, otherwise you’ll be here all day and regret the fun things you never did!  A capital suggestion!  After stealing what little cash Nue had on her, the rest of you split the bill and file outside.  See, look, you can totally walk without bumping into things; you’re fine!  Where to next, birthday girl?  As if Sakuya even needed to ask.

Bowling.  [i]Duh.[/i]

If there’s one thing you know about bowling alleys, it’s…  Wait, two things, it’s that there’s beer there, and if you ask the front desk—No, hang on, three things:  beer, partying, and…  Wait, maybe it was just the two.


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