Believer – Scene 5k

“What about parents?” Luke comments, in a supposedly-empowering voice.  “No, I mean, seriously, aren’t we supposed to do our own thing, be our own boss and stuff?” Marcie manages to go unnoticed as she rolls her eyes disapprovingly at her boyfriend.  Cecile just stares back into her wrap, Luke’s words having far more bite to them than the exact same words parroted back to her by her own mind.  Meekly, she responds, “Well, they did kinda… give me a lot of money, y’know.  And it is kinda… not the best job market for a Liberal Arts degree, y’know.”  Trying to put a positive spin on things, she perks up and quickly adds, “But I’m doing okay, I mean, this is fine for me for now!  ‘Sides, I don’t think anyone ever actually uses their degree for their job these days.”

Luke groans.  “Uggh, don’t remind me; I’ll be lucky if I can find a job opening in the tri-state area for what I’m going into.”

“Ooo, what’s that?”

“It’s…  Okay, hang on, I can explain it really simply.  So, you’ve got a flood plain.  Wait, no, you don’t know what a flood plain is.  Okay, so, you have a river near an area of historical seismic activity, and there’s all this erosion.  Except…  No, no, hang on, forget all that.  Picture a building with half its foundation off the side of a cliff—“

“It’s complicated,” Marcie graciously butts in, before Luke hurts himself.  She shakes her head at him ever so slightly and gives him “that look” when she sees him reaching for a napkin and a pen to draw a diagram on.  “Civil Engineering; he’s studying Civil Engineering.”

Luke grits his teeth and slides his pen grumpily back into his coat, emitting a sighed whisper containing the words, “—degree isn’t called that.”


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