Brigadoon Commentary (in progress)

In the 1968 classic film “The Love Bug”, a simple Volkswagen Beetle, for reasons unknown and unexplained, is able to drive itself and have a life all its own, perhaps even a soul of its own.  Its owner remarks once in the movie, “They make ten thousand cars, they make them exactly the same way, and one or two of ’em turn out to be something special. Nobody knows why.”  This highlights a point I’d like to make, that there is a magic present in some things that defies logic and expectation; that for all accounts there is no reason for it to be special, and yet, it is.

With that being said, I present “Brigadoon”, created in 2000 by Sunrise.  A fairly obscure show that has nevertheless received generally positive reviews, Brigadoon is about a young girl who meets a sentient robot and the two of them go on to have amazing adventures together.  Along the way her robot guardian must protect her from robot monsters which seek to kill her, and they eventually form a lifelong bond forged from their shared unusual circumstances.  Now, none of the ideas in Brigadoon are new, and are in fact quite played-out:  the knight in shining armor protecting the damsel in distress, the awkward robot struggling to learn emotions, the “monster of the week” providing only superficial threats, the unlikely bond between human and non-human, the secret plot to destroy the world which only the main characters can prevent.  As a seeker of new ideas and originality, Brigadoon really has nothing to offer me and is just another generic “gotta save the world” show.

So why do I love it so much?


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