The Parents

The conference room gradually emptied as the usual attendants engaged in the normal chit-chat because returning to their normal run-of-the-mill lives.  The day’s primary speaker, a businesswoman with short blonde hair, a sharp face, and a sharper blue suit, sighed and loosened her necktie as she packed up her presentation materials, glad for the temporary respite between the end of the current long day and the beginning of the next longer one.

“…Do you ever get tired of it?” she asked languidly to the only other woman in the room, a greying doctor well-on in her years who still managed to command respect.  The doctor looked over at her as she tucked the various printouts the younger lady had given her earlier into her sidebag.

“It?” the old one asked.

The businesswoman sighed, running her hand over the video projector, still radiating heat from its hours of use.  “Looking after all the kids,” she finally replied, looking back.

A smile crosses the doctor’s lips, completely aware of what she was asking her.  “Every single day, Ms. Ransom.

“How do you deal with it?  I know we all have our methods, I’m just… curious, how you do it, is all.”

She clips her bag closed and sets it on the table, transferred some of her weight onto it as her hands fold gently across the brown leather.  “When you get to being my age, Ransom, you start seeing everyone as kids.  Even yourself.  There’s…  There’s so much I’ve realized I don’t have the slightest clue about.  So many medicines, so many treatments…  Even the best doctor in the world with fifty years of experience, sixty years, couldn’t possibly treat every single illness in the world.  All of them, all those that are kids to us?  You’re a kid to me.  And I’m sure I’m a kid to someone else I haven’t met yet.  We’re all kids, Ransom.  We look after each other.  They do their part too, you know.”

“Yes, yes, I know,” Ms. Ransom sighs, flipping the lights off as the two exited the room.  “Do you, ever wish they’d do our part for a change?”

“Never,” the old doctor replies assuredly, her smile returning.  “You know they’d just make a mess of things.”


{Possible idea I have for something interesting, veiled in secrecy and genericness to protect the innocent.}


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