The Silent Servant

We give up our emotions so that others can have them.

We sacrifice the frivolities of life so that others may enjoy them.

We serve, because we can, and because no one else will.

We hide, because someone must remain alive to fight another day.

We remain silent, so that others may learn through speaking, questioning, and answering.

We speak the things no one else will dare to say.  We will be tactless, because sometimes there are things which need be said.

We will use logic, because it is reliable.  We will forego emotion, not because we do not understand it, but because we understand it too well.

We are not the heroes.  We will never be the heroes.  We can never be the heroes.  But the heroes must stand on the backs of such as us.  We must be the realists so that they can be the idealists.  We must tell people the way things are, so that they can tell them of the way things ought to be.  We must tell them they will fail, so that they can tell themselves they will succeed.

We set the board, so that they can play the game.

There is no glory in what we do.  No respect, no recognition, no recollection.  But in doing it, we create our own glory, for integrity is doing the right thing when no one cares.

None will know that we saved the world.  But we will know.  And for us, it is enough.



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