Flip You For It

“This is what I am going to do for you, sir,” the strange businesswoman with the blonde hair responds.  She motions to her associate, who quickly steps over and presents her superior with a thin plastic case, which is in turn presented to the man at the other side of the table.  The glare of the sun bounces off the plastic, obscuring its fine detail, but he can very distinctly make out the glint of gold within.
    “That is a Krugerrand, young man; a one-ounce solid gold coin.  Its current market value is approximately thirteen hundred dollars.  Now I am going to give this to you, without compunction, or obligation.  Believe me, I have more of them.”
The man is stunned.  What is this?  Who is this woman?  She was supposed to be a prospective vendor, right?  He was supposed to show her around the factory and talk to her about his companies’ need for a more reliable paper supplier, right?  So how was it that the conversation had shifted to his personal life so subtly, and why had he told her?
He pushes the coin back to the other side of the table politely.  “Ma’am, no, I’m sorry, I, I can’t accept this.  I don’t know what you’re trying to say, but this, this…  No, I’m sorry.”
Chuckling, she picks the coin back up and spins it around in her fingers idly, propping a cheek on her knuckles.  “This isn’t a bribe, Chad.  Your company’s needs are completely outside the purview of what mine tends to supply.  We deal with custom orders, small-business specialty paper, that sort of thing mostly; not bulk.  I can’t help you in that way.  So I’m helping you, you personally, in this one.”  The plastic coin-case slides like a hockey puck across the table as she flicks it at him, landing in his lap after he fails to catch it properly.
She smirks as she looks at the struggling office worker, totally in control of the situation.  “This is what I want you to do.  I want you to go the the Quincy bicycle bridge, and I want you to throw that thirteen hundred dollar coin into the water.  And as you throw that coin into the water, I want you to wish for something.  Not something specific now, like a billion dollars, or the ability to fly, or that your high school sweetheart would come back; I guarantee you that won’t work.  I want you to wish for something… vague.”
Chad scratches his head as his eyes dart between the gold coin and the vendor, now at a near-complete loss.  “You’re not, just to make sure, you’re joking, yes?”
“Keep the coin if you think I am, then.  Any major jeweler would be happy to pay cash for it.”
He looks at her, this mystery woman, trying to gauge her intentions.  Only now does he realize how strangely unsettling she looks.  So smug, so in control of everything around her.  Her hair is undignified for a businesswoman, golden and flowing down her shoulders like a temptress.  As he gets a good look at her eyes, he notices they’re not blue as he first assumed, but rather indigo, or perhaps even violet, brought on by pompous contact lenses only the very vain would use.
“Are you trying to say you’ll ‘grant my wish’ if I do?” he asks the woman sarcastically, still thumbing the coin.
She leans back in her chair and smiles.  “I’m saying, if it came true, would you think I was the one that granted it?”


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