A Skeptical Stare

“Oh for the love of… Shandra, seriously?”

         Roquette reflexively smacks her disbelieving palm against her forehead as glances at the living room while frying her eggs.  That Shandra is once again entirely lounging on the couch without clothing has ceased to give her much pause; she’s gotten better about closing the drapes, at the very least.  Affixed to her head, however, is a conspicuous pair of fake bat wings that, against Roq’s better ability to not pre-judge people, look very suspiciously like the kind of wings some gothic-culture or fantasy-culture fanatic would wear to a convention of thousands of people just like them.  She grits her teeth before uttering any more, waiting with baited and extremely skeptical breath for her tenant’s response.

Shandra, in classic Shandra fashion, turns her head disconcertedly and displays a look of uninformed innocence.  “Mmm?  Something the matter, Ms. Jones?”

Dulling her eyelids, Roq wordlessly moves her hands up to the sides of her head and flaps them, never breaking eye contact.

“Oooh, you mean these?” the young lady responds cheerfully, pointing and looking upwards at the same time.  “Pretty cute, right?”

“I can’t believe I’m even having this conversation…  Where on God’s green earth did you get them?”

“My boyfriend bought them for me!  They’re really quality, like, from a special-order website and everything!  Isn’t he just the sweetest?”

The continued sizzling of the eggs in the frying pan compliments the static running through Roq’s head as she attempts to think of a response.  “All right, I’ll bite,” she finally settles on.  “Why?”

The look of innocence about Shandra continues.  “Why, uhh, why what?”

“Well, A, why did he buy them for you, B, why are you wearing them, and C, why are you wearing them here?”

Shandra shrugs, propping her folded arms against the back of the sofa to get a better look at Roq from halfway across the first floor.  “‘Cause they’re adorable!  Does it matter?”

“Ehh, not really, just… I dunno, might give people the wrong idea.”


{Very likely the prequel for this scene here.}


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