Foolish Yesterdays

There was a time…  Yes, there was a time.

A time when we did things differently.  A time when we did things foolishly.  A time when we thought like children, spoke like children, acted like children.  A time that we are loathe to remember, and that embarrass us to no end.

We are still living in that time.

Tomorrow, we will look back on today and notice all the mistakes we made.  We will notice all the things that we did, and we will say “That’s not the real me.”  But it is.  We are always ourselves; we are our mistakes, and we are our successes.  They define us.  But we are forever learning, growing wiser every minute, and who we were a minute ago affects whom we will choose to be a minute from now.  We fall flat on our faces, but at least we are moving forwards, and we never appreciate the pain until after we have ceased to feel its sting.


{Was working on another Derp Wars, but the THP site went down, so I decided to write something else while I waited for it to go back up.  Still isn’t up, so I’ll post this instead.}


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