A Good Label

There is always good amongst the bad; a silver lining to be had.

Or is it bad amongst the good?  And should we think this way?  We could.

An optimist will always smile, and never dwells on any trial.

A pessimist will see the seams, and crushes his own hopes and dreams.

But these are much too black and white, for no one sees all wrong or right.

Thus the idealist is born, who tempers hope with bits of scorn.

While the realist tells the truth:  oft bad, some good, all real, forsooth.

And even these will miss the mark; there’s not the light to cleanse all dark.

Labels help, but also hurt: they force crowds into the same shirt.

Before unique, now all the same, so that there’s rules to life’s strange game.

All have eyes, and all will see, but each two eyes see differently.

Part good, part bad, but always mixed; the levels will not e’er be fixed.


{Thought this had posted last night; guess not.  Here it is, then.}


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