A New Sunny Day

Now here can be seen a very fine specimen of young lady.  Look at her, just standing around like that.  She thinks she’s pretty awesome, doesn’t she?  She’s on track to graduate in four years, she’s got a bundle of friends, she’s cute and attractive but not in a little-girl way because that’s not cool once you hit college, and she’s saving tons of money on car insurance by switching to Geico!  She also takes out the trash, calls her parents weekly, and attends the college job fairs to find a worthwhile and profitable career once she receives her degree!  Yup, she’s got her life pretty much sorted out.

Today is the day she throws all that over a cliff, because today is the day she turns twenty-one years old.  Supposedly the way to prevent hangovers is to never stop drinking; this seems like sound advice to her!

{A long time ago, but not really, I wrote a series of short stories as spin-offs of a much larger story, each focusing on a character from the main plot.  These stories are in my opinion the primary culprit for my snarky narrative style in “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Called Believer” that I love so much.  I had always intended on finishing a short story for each character in the plot, but life intervened with only a handful to go, and I gave up.  Recently I was reminded of their existence, and of just how much I loved writing them back in the day.  This 1.2 paragraphs is a reminder for me of the way things used to be.}


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