Having Cake

We all wish that everything we envision in our minds will come to pass exactly the way we envision it, or even better.  We plan for it; we play out the scenario in our heads over and over again.  We arrange everything beforehand so that nothing could possibly go wrong, and that everything will go right.  But really, we have no idea what the reality of the future is.  We cannot fathom the possible differences between the reality and the dream, and when we meet it we learn how wrong we were, as even the smallest flaw becomes large when compared to the perfection we dreamed of.
So the wise restrain themselves.  They set no expectations, make no promises to themselves.  They hedge their bets.  They hope for the best and plan for the worst.  They put their eggs in more than one basket.  They have an “out”.  And in doing so, they are allowed to have their cake and eat it too.  If the future is bright, as is well, and if it is dim, there is no large amount of love lost.  The fools have their cake, and it is the most glorious of cakes, but they will never sup on it.  Their perfect cake is in their minds, and they will forever be looking for it but never find it.  Every cake they find will taste dry and bland compared to the magical, sublime cake they seek, and though they keep tasting cake after cake, they never truly eat; they never truly enjoy.  But the wise are content; they are content to eat the cake they have, whatever it may be.  And at the end of the day, though he never sought the grandest of cakes, the wise man is full, and the fool is empty.


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