Anime Boston 2013

The collection of pictures I took at Anime Boston 2013, posted two weeks late.  I’m a very shy picture-taker so I didn’t take as many as I probably should have.  As a general rule I don’t really take pictures of common characters or characters I’m seeing many duplicates of.  By the middle of the first day I had sort of endeavored to get as many League of Legends characters as I could, just because I didn’t expect there to be so many.  Probably took too many of them anyways.  Also probably didn’t take enough Touhou pictures.

My biggest regret is I never got either a picture or video of Navi from Ocarina of Time running around shouting “Hey!  Listen!”  She was spot-on with the voice, too.


2 thoughts on “Anime Boston 2013

    • Hey, Look! It certainly WAS you! And thanks a lot for sending me a link; I really appreciate it! Hearing your voice sporadically throughout the con always brought a smile to my face, and I’ll think I’ll never forget it no matter how many other cons I go to. Do you mind if I ask you how you found this page? It’s a pretty big internet for our paths to cross like this, and I think it’s pretty neat that they did.

      Excellent work on the costume and the whole presentation; it’s one of those costumes everybody will recognize but very few will think to do, and I believe those are the best!

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