A Hated Person (b)


Some people escape into a bottle.  Others escape into drugs.  Others escape into distractions, meant to keep their minds focused on anything other than reality.  They will escape into anything that will delay them from having to face the harsh reality of the world around them.

The girl escaped into nothingness.  She escaped into her own mind.

Rather than deal with the world as a strong soul would, she chose to avoid it completely; to pretend that it didn’t exist and live in a fantasy world where she wouldn’t have to worry about her actions or the actions of others.  In her world there is no hate, no love, just actions and reactions and the curiosity of discovering the unknown.  Her world is within her own mind, and yet outside of it, on the border between her conscious and her subconscious.

But though she has more grandiose methods, more grandiose avenues at her disposal than the rest of us, she is no different than anyone else.  Her soul could not cope with the gravity of the situation she had been placed in, so rather than learn to cope with it, she ran away from it and found a distraction.  She made a new world for herself with new rules: no rules at all.  She escaped, like many escape.  And yet, unlike them.

An alcoholic, eventually, is forced to rejoin the real world.  His wallet will give out, or his stomach will give out, or his liver will give out, or a friend will drag him away from the bar.  He will at some point have to face reality, even if only for long enough to choose that he wants to run from it again.  The girl does not have this problem.  She does not have to stop drinking, and in fact cannot stop drinking:  she has become the bottle.  She put on a mask, and the mask became her face instantly; she cannot even remember what her own face looks like.  All around her can clearly see that she is wearing a mask, but none can tell what she is supposed to look like underneath it.

And thus, the never-ending question:  Is there any point in trying to reach the girl she used to be underneath?   Can the mask ever be removed?

The answer to the first question is yes.  Regardless of what she is, was, or will be, all are lost children, and can become found if they truly repent.  It is the duty of good men and women to testify to the truth, and try to help those who cannot help themselves.  But the answer to the second question is for God alone to decide.  Only God can change a heart, and only God can open a closed eye.  This is why it is imperative to never stop trying to reach her:  no one knows who may finally be the witness that starts the spark, or what the witness may be.  No cause is a lost one, so long as God is looking.


{A continuation of yesterday’s topic.  A bit messy, but hopefully my point was reached somewhere in there.  Again, the point of A Lowenly World is not so much to create quality work as it is to keep my muse active.}


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