Fun.  But ultimately, pointless.

A quick little jaunt into a realm of happiness, where a singular focus encompasses all else for a half-hour, an hour, and hour and a half…  The time creeps, the happiness continues.  And suddenly, the day is gone, the night has come, and you rest your head, having accomplished nothing.

When you’re in, you are very in.  But when you are out, you are so very out.  And the weak ones, their solution is to never get out.  To always stay in, for as long as possible, to keep life happy.  To keep life simple.  To only have to worry about one thing, and engross themselves within the world of that one thing, so that their world makes sense, because the real world is too hard, and makes none.

Call it anything.  Call it video games, comic books, television, telephone, internet.  Call it gambling, alcohol, drugs, sex.  There are many things that take too much, and give too little.  Things that give now, but take later.  Things that you love, but that you will hate more than you love them, until you love them again, and forget the hate long enough to lose yourself.

And knowing is even less than half the battle won.  Anyone can talk, anyone can “know”.  To do…  that is hard.  You may win battle after battle, “know” thy enemy, and yet the next battle is no easier than the one before it, though it be exactly the same.  Is it a battle of the will, a battle of mind against body, soul against heart.  The body is a weak thing; the heart, a weak thing.  These things seek joy and satisfaction, not truth and understanding.  They see a thing, and they desire it, without asking why.  They do not need “why”.  It is only when the day is done, when the heart and body have had their fill, that they allow the mind and soul to ask “why”, and feel empty despite the gluttony.

The person is not complete without all its parts, nor is the life complete.  Each part must temper the other, so that there is joy with depth, with foundation.  A joy that gives less now, but so much more later.  A joy to be earned, and to feel good about earning.  A joy to be learned, and to be remembered when confronted with the shallow pleasure.

But it is still an easy thing to forget.

{Do you know what wastes afternoons?  Indie games.  Short, free, indie games.}


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