{Temporary Notice}

I am in Boston,

Visiting friends, having fun.

I am back Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “{Temporary Notice}

  1. In case you are interested in answering the questions from the Liebster award nomination, here they are.

    Do you prefer to stay out of politics or get involved?

    Sunrise or Sunset? Which is more beautiful?

    Who is the most important person in your life?

    What is your favorite book?

    Is it better to have loved and lost or to have never loved at all?

    What do you think about the restlessness that seems to be rampant in the world right now?

    If you could have the power to do anything, what would you choose to accomplish.

    What could you do for the person in your life who recently helped you. Have you done it?

    Are you single or involved?(Married, dating, it’s complicated. . .)

    What gives you the energy to get out of bed in the morning?

    This is the one I always ask people. As a nihilist, this is my ultimate question. How do you prove that we exist?

    • Ahh, my apologies; I was planning on responding but kept saying I’d do it later. Thanks a lot for your consideration with the award, by the way; I really appreciate it!

      I must respectfully decline the award, however. I’m on WordPress as more of a casual hobby; I don’t currently follow any other blogs, and don’t plan to, so I am unable to pass this award forwards if I were to accept. I suppose I could look around and find five underrated pages I feel deserve this award, but it would seem hollow to me, since I’d only be looking for them because I had to, not because I believed in them. Even setting the mattering of “paying it forward” aside, there are a number of other personal reasons I’d just rather not have it. But best of luck to you and the others who do!

      • No worries. I pass it along because I enjoy it, and I use it as a means to explore other people’s blogs. I can certainly understand your feelings toward it, as I am beginning to get closer to that state myself.

        I want you to know I appreciate your work, as your “hobby” is one of my favorite blogs I visit. Thanks for all the posts you do make time for. I always find them interesting.

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