Scrambled thoughts about fantasy

All this fantasy seems so pretentious now.  Telling the public, “My version is the version you have to accept for this story, and if you don’t like it then too bad.”  At first I thought it was the original stuff that was pretentious, telling the public, “You’ve never heard of these before but you have to care about them like they’re things you’ve always known and care about deeply.”  But the thing is, that’s the whole point of original characters:  you have to MAKE the public care about them.  That’s the challenge, and that’s the reward:  creating something good out of nothing.

What is a story about vampires but a fanfiction?  A fan taking an established thing and writing a fictional story that may or may not adhere to the thing’s “canon”?  Would it be proper to say that Twilight is just vampire fanfiction, that Eragon is just dragon fanfiction, and that Harry Potter is just wizard fanfiction?  Is this why I dislike these series; because they’re glorified fanfiction?


I dislike them because their vision of a vampire, dragon, or wizard, is not my vision of them.  But take a movie like Inception.  Inception does something new, something I had no preconceived ideas about, and makes me like it.  It’s not fantasy that I have a problem with.  It’s pretentious fantasy: fantasy where the fantasy is the plot, where every fantasy action has an equal and opposite fantasy reaction.  That is why I dislike them:  Because fantasy is the justification for the actions, not actual social norms.


{Again, a bit disorganized, but there’s some merit hidden in there.  This week is shaping up to be a hectic week, so apologies for the momentary drop in quality.}


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