The Uncanny Valley of Truth

A state of mind that is hard to describe.

A place that you believe should not or does not exist, but when you find yourself there, it exists, in so many meanings of the word.

It is a place far enough removed from reality that your conscious mind knows it’s not real, but close enough to it for your subconscious mind to be tricked into thinking that it is.

You can see yourself there, but you also see yourself right at this very moment here, and not there.

Your mind, warring against itself, seeing two realities and struggling to comprehend them both even when it knows only one can be real, and the other is false.

You should be here.  You are here.  You are here!

And yet…  there you are.  Over there.  You can see yourself doing those other things that you’re not doing.  You’re not doing them, but you could be.  It’s not so hard to believe that you would do them.

And it hurts.

It hurts so badly.

It hurts because it’s true.

The line between this truth and that truth is so fleeting, so ephemeral, a slight wind could blow it to the other side of your feet.  For some fantasies, you might think that you would do things different in another life.  But the stark truth is that you might do those things in this one.  You don’t need an alternate reality to do them, because the you you see doing those things over there might be you.  You know they’re not you; you can explain logically why they’re not you.

But the uncanny valley of truth is beyond logic.


{I had to write as much of this down as I could before I forgot it.  I apologize for its structure.}


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