Updating (a)

Just when I’m getting used to the formula, they change it.  They add something new, or remove something old, or shuffle what’s there around a bit.  And every change starts a ripple effect which can spark more change, and more change.  It’s demoralizing.  How can I learn how to play a game if they keep changing the rules?  And why do I want to learn how to play if I’m just going to have to relearn it again later?

Now, I admit, this sounds a little close-minded; I understand that change can often be for the better, and that change is necessary in order to grow and improve.  Stagnation is in some ways worse than outright going backwards, because stagnation can carry with it complacency, which blinds you to problems.  It’s not just the changes I’m concerned about; it’s the mentality behind the changes.  The mentality that more is better, and the mentality that old things need to “get with the times”.  The more changes they make, the more I can see this mentality.  And the more I see it, the more worried I become.  They don’t seem to just be retrofitting the old to keep up with the new, but rather completely remaking the old to look more like the new.  And again, I’m not saying new is bad, but neither am I saying that new is automatically good.  I feel it’s a similar situation to the reason so many Star Wars fans are angry at George Lucas for constantly fiddling with Episodes IV, V, and VI.  Those original movies were by no means perfect, but they were still solid, solid enough to stand the test of thirty years of time.  Such staying power does not need to be improved, even if it’s imperfect, because sometimes it’s the imperfections and simplicity that endear it to the public, and help us see how far we’ve come since then.


{A small piece of a bigger pie I’ve served up a few slices of already.}


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