Off The Edge – The End

“What do you mean, ‘it ends’?  It can’t just, end!” Daniel exclaims, bringing up his mount alongside the old man’s.

“What the damn hell…?  A’course it ends!” Jashe says back to him like it was an obvious answer.  “Errything’s gotta end!  Where else would it go?”

Daniel is equally perplexed at the response.  “It, well…  It just goes!  On and on for forever!  Because, I mean, if it stopped, what’s on the other…  It just does, okay, I don’t know how to explain it, but other people have!  Really smart people; they studied the stars and things!  How can you believe that it just ends?!”

In response, Jashe shakes his head in bemusement as he pulls one of the slingstones from his pouch and hurls it out past the tattered flag, its oblong shape spinning awkwardly as it sails through the air.  The boy tracks its progress idly with his eyes, suspecting that this backwards old man is trying to get him to believe in his backwards old notion that the world has an edge.  What is the rock supposed to do, he wonders?  Bounce off an invisible wall in the sky?  Blink out of existence as it if never was?  Fall over an endless cliff?  The very notion of asking such questions reminds Daniel all too well of why such superstitious people are politely asked to leave the republic and pursue their proclivities to their hearts’ content somewhere else.  Somewhere very much “else”.  And then the stone bounces off an invisible wall in the sky.

“’Cause it does end, Danny-boy,” Jashe answers, grinning.

{Might as well keep writing about this while I have the inspiration to do so.}


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