Off The Edge

For every world that exists, there is a billion that do not.  A billion possibilities that lie just out of reach, as a craftsman grasps hold of one closer to her.  And they wait, for a day when they too might be grasped, by her or someone like her.  All worlds are created equal, with the same potential, the same promise, but not all worlds remain that way.  Some are poor.  Some are worse than poor.  Some are great.  And some just are.  The skill of the craftsman’s hands determine all this, and more.

And so the craftsman reaches out once more for a new world.

In this world, there is a grand civilization.  It burgeons with prosperity.  It is on the verge of a technological revolution.  Life is easy.  Life is simple.  Life is grand.  But it is made grand because that which is not grand slowly, but surely, is edged outwards.  Those who cannot adapt move away, and form a new civilization.  And those who cannot adapt to that move away, again, and again, until the map is filled with contours of existence, each one slightly more quaint than the one inside of it.

But past the boundaries of that map…  Here, there be monsters.  The things that no one accepted.  The things that were considered a threat, considered out of date, unacceptable, and unnecessary.  Things too weak to fight back against the ever-rolling wheel of progress.

This world is a flat world.  And these are those that live Off The Edge.

{Another world idea/story idea.  I have a lot of ideas bouncing around about this, but they’re not structured at the moment.  Maybe on a future day they will be.}


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