Trials and Errors

Behold the immortal man, doomed to die and rise and die again.

He adventures forth, and saves that which he feels has worth.

The world around him, impossible; the fiends before him inhospitable.

No mortal man could do it, but to him, there is nothing to it.

No challenge remains to him for who death is just aches and pains.

For every problem, there is a solution, and with enough time, he will reach the conclusion.

Trial and error is the name of the game, until the errors make the right way plain.

The challenge now is one of the mind, as the answers become harder to find.

The narrow path to glory grows narrower at the end of the story.

Immortal is he, yes, but omniscient?  One can only guess.

He trods upon the same ground many times, sanity depleting as he wishes for funeral chimes.

“This is my limit!  I am no God; there is no way to win it!”

Then suddenly, an opening; he sees in it a new beginning.

A thousand times does he fail, until he finds the Holy Grail.

So simple a technique that makes his task so much less bleak.

He slays the beast, and celebrates at the victory feast.

And should he need do it twice, he need only remember his own advice.


Does it make a task any less “hard” if you hold the winning strategy card?

Is not half of the soul-crushing bleakness to find the monster’s weakness?

But once found, is it not easier the second round?

Or does ease only come to those who fought for the secret, and won?


{Thought I’d try a bit of un-metered rhyme and see how I like it.  I don’t, really; it’s easy to write but kind of feels like cheating.}

{Castlevania 1 is a really, really hard and unforgiving game.  The final boss is so unforgiving he punishes you for mistakes you didn’t even make yet.  Random teleportation (often right on top of you), frustratingly large sprite size, and a tiny window of vulnerability made tinier by an attack that you have to time to within a tenth of a second to dodge correctly.  And yet, I figured out a battle technique that not only guarantees me a hit every time he’s vulnerable, but eliminates nearly any risk of me ever getting hit by his attacks, thereby making him one of the more predictable (and thus easier) bosses in the game in hindsight.  But despite this, I spent longer on replaying that single battle than I spent on the entire rest of the game.}

{So is he “easy”, or is he “hard”?}


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