“So, like, thanks for joining up; now neither of us have to be the chick.”
“Oh, no, I’m probably not sexy enough to be a chick.  I think I’m more of a girl.”
“No, no, see, that’s not what I meant.  Like, y’ever watch Power Rangers as a kid?”
“I think so?  How much would I have had to watch before you’d call it watching?”
“Yeah, I dunno.  But like, so you’ve got the five Power Rangers, right?  And they’re all different and have their different quirky personalities and powers and shit, whatever.  AND THEN THERE’S THE CHICK.  And this ALWAYS happens, like everywhere!  Just some lame-brain total girly-girl always wearing pink whose ONLY defining feature is a semi-decent rack , and I will NOT be that girl!”
“You won’t?  I don’t know, your boobs are pretty nice.  They look better than semi-decent to me.”
“Oh really, ya think so?  I mean, I don’t really make ’em up or anything; feels too slutty to me.  But, like, whatever, where were we?”
“Being a girl.”
“Yeah yeah, so, they can’t just say, ‘Oh, it’s “The Girl”, if there’s TWO girls, ya’ get it?  They’d have to say, like… umm…  Perky Girl and, uhh, Weird Girl; you know, tell us apart.”
“Can I not be Perky Girl?  I know people say I’m sort of positive-like, but, I don’t feel energetic enough to be the perky girl.”
“Wait, why wou…  Yeah, yeah, you can be the weird girl.  I’ll be Perky Girl.”
“Gosh, I hope those aren’t our actual stage names.”

{Cecile is probably in there somewhere, like she oft tends to be.  I need to stop thinking like she’s the main character; find some other characters to talk about instead.}


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