Bumpire (a-x+1)

He circled the treeline that surrounded the farmhouse’s yard, looking for the best and most concealed path to the property.  Normally he would he preplanned such an approach long before attempting it.  Normally he would have already staked the place out.  Normally he would have done it during the daytime.  But he’d committed himself to being a beggar of opportunity long ago, rather than a chooser of fate.  As he eased his shoes into the grass soundlessly, he just hoped the weeks of begging which had got him to this point would give him some opportunity.

An oblong moon started to shine weakly through the clouds above; enough to see by, but not enough to cast shadows.  Gordon furrowed his brow as his free hand grasped his ultraviolet flashlight, crossing his pistol over his left wrist for support.  He knew enough not to turn it on yet, not until he knew where “it” was.  UV wouldn’t stop it and wouldn’t even slow it down, but it’d give him enough of an opening for one shot, maybe two, and that sure as Heaven would slow it down.

In his business, it was also better to learn how to aim very fast.


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