Believer – Scene 5j

Noticing the somewhat melancholic pensiveness on Cecile’s face, Marcie swoops in to save her by breaking the ice first.  “So, umm, Cecile, what’d you go to school for?”

She looks up, Cecil popping out of the existence he never had to begin with.  “Whasit?  Oh, school.  To get a job, I guess?”

“No, I mean, what major?”

“Oh, that thing.  Business.  Or, Business and Administration; I forget what’s actually on my diploma.  That’s a thing that gets you things, right?”

Marcie shrugs, poking at her chicken salad.  “I’m sure it does; just pegged you as more of a, I dunno, Sociology or Psych girl.”

“Yeah…” she sighs, listlessly leaning to the side and pancaking her palm against her cheek.  “I wanted to, but, y’know, parents.”

Marcie nods somberly.  “Yeah…  Parents.”  The mood effectively killed, they continue their humble meals in silence, while Cecil tries to slap Cecile in the face with her roast beef wrap for not pursuing her dreams and letting “The Man” keep her down.  He knocks it off when he hears Luke starting the exact same train of thought.

“What about parents?” Luke comments, in a supposedly-empowering voice.  “Man, screw parents.  College is the best time of your life; make the most of it!  They always tell you to follow your heart, right?  That’s more than just a couple-a’ words, y’know!”

Marcie manages to go unnoticed as she shifts her eyes disapprovingly at her boyfriend.  Cecile just stares back into her wrap, Luke’s words having far more bite to them than the exact same words parroted back to her by her own mind.


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