Unspoken Truth (b)

They’re not telling you anything new, and they’re not rewording it in a different way; there is absolutely nothing in the content of their message that is different from what you already believe.  And yet, to hear it from them, when the only one you’ve ever heard if from before is the whisperings of the world and your own heart…  It’s different.

It’s like a loud-mouthed friend in a group of friends, suddenly stating the obvious.  It’s like the first voice that breaks the uncomfortable silence during a period of mourning.  It’s like the sound of a jet plane in the middle of a nature walk.  The bittersweet truth is a delicate subject, meant to be handled with care and tact, if it’s even handled at all.  To say its name is to break the spell, like silence; a rock in the pool that breaks the glassy surface.

When another besides yourself states what you believe to be the truth, it makes that truth all the more real to you.  And when such a truth is conflicted and bittersweet, it’s a painful reminder of the flawed way things are, something that you can remind yourself of easily enough without another needing to remind you as well.


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