Another Character

There’s a thin click of plastic on metal as a young man still inexperienced enough to be called a boy pulls the power cord out of his battery-less laptop, abruptly sealing the screen in a black and slightly-reflective wrapper.  With a more-than necessary shove he pushes his swivel chair away from his desk and begins massaging his black hair with his hands, as to yet unsure if he wants to ultimately vainly attempt to pull it out or just tug at it a little.

“Again.  Again,” he moans to himself, grimacing profusely.  “It never ends.  Never, ends.  You sit here, day after day, saying tomorrow is the day I am going to truly live, and you waste tomorrow and say it again.  It means, nothing.  And here you are, sobbing to yourself about nothing, like the nothing you are.”

{He Might Be Giants, but it’s far more likely he’ll end up being a Believer.  This does not mean he’s in love; he hates himself too much for that.}


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