Color Commentary (a)

Sonic Colors is a game that decided to forego all the subtleties and live in the lampshade.

And it worked.

Sonic is an odd sort of video game character, personality-wise.  Back in the late 80’s and early 90’s when video games were exploding in popularity, a number of game mascots ended up with their own cartoon shows, complete with horrible 80’s jokes and “cool” 80’s lingo, which was the style at the time.  Sonic was no stranger to this trend, but for one exception:  In the late 90’s when video games became advanced enough to include voice acting, Sonic kept that cool-kid personality from his show, while other characters like Mario or Link went back to their relatively mute roots.  Which would be fine, but for two problems.  One:  80’s cartoons were stupid and cheesy.  Two:  The newer generation of 3D Sonic games weren’t trying to be stupid or cheesy.  This leaves the series with fairly serious plots about worldwide peril, ancient evils, and unlimited cosmic power, which are taken straight, but enacted by childish and shallow characters who can’t hope to sell it, and the fact that they’re stylized woodland creatures in every color of the rainbow doesn’t help.

And then in a sea of disappointing and convoluted storylines comes Sonic Colors, which does a complete 180 and turns the cheese dial up to eleven-and-a-half.  Rather than attempt to ignore its Saturday morning cartoon roots, or reverse it, Sonic Colors embraces it, with a ridiculous story about an amusement park in space, characters will less depth that a sidewalk puddle, and dialog so clichéd it’d almost feel out of place in a straight parody.  It is by all accounts completely unacceptable, and that’s exactly why it’s so brilliant:  because it’s pure.


{Might finish this, might not, since I said what I think is the important stuff.  I was playing it a lot today, and was thinking about it a lot today, so I had to write down my thoughts, or at least some of them.}


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