More Luipgons

Lupigons, son.  Name says enough about ’em:  wolf dragons.  Take the nastiest part of wolves and the nastiest part of dragons, and you get about halfway there.  They don’t got no fancy wings, so they don’t need to be light; these things are built like an ox.  Seven, eight feet at the shoulder, males’ll get three tons or more.  Got this sorta leathery, quilly fur that a sword’ll just bounce off of if you don’t get a straight cut.  Claws ain’t that sharp but they don’t need to be; paw so much as grazes you and you got yourself a broken bone.  You ever had a tree fall on you?  Watch that tail good if you don’t wanna.

Rule One:  They are the boss.  Long as they’ve lived ’round these parts, they have been the top dogs.  Nature can’t kill ’em, people can’t kill ’em, hell, real dragons can’t even kill ’em.  They ain’t afraid of no thing, ‘cept other lupigons, and I wouldn’t even call that real fear.  Funny thing is, that makes ’em pretty safe.  They won’t go after you if they see ya a ways away, ‘cause they don’t much care, just don’t look at ‘em, don’t walk directly towards ‘em.  S’like if you saw a ‘coon nearby; wouldn’t much care unless it got too close, you know?

{Did something on this a while back.  Saw it, remembered it, decided to do more with it, but still not enough.}


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