The Hero

We had a man, once; a man who saved the world.  A good man.  A great man.  They say we won’t ever have another man like him again.  I don’t rightly know, myself.  “Again” is a pretty long time.  But he’d be pretty hard to beat, that’s for sure.

He was the kind of hero other people wish they’d have whenever they have a hero.  A real man of the people.  Men of the people, they just don’t come around as much as they used to, even though more people than ever say they represent the people these days.  Getting to the point now where I wonder who “the people” are.  They sure ain’t my people, whoever they are.  But this one, he would have known my people.  Seemed like he knew all the people, from what I heard of him.  But that was a long time ago.  World don’t make people like him any more.  Maybe they never did, and he was just this one-time exception to the rule.

See, he didn’t really do all that much, from what I’ve read.  When he did do things, God almighty, there was magic in them hands, but for just most part he just walked and talked; told people the real deal.  Sounds pretty un-heroic, but you know what, that’s what the world needs nine times out of ten anyways.  Sure, win a war, but now you’ve just got a whole bunch of people who lost that war, and they still hate you.  This man knew you have to cure the disease, not the symptoms.  And better, he had the guts to try it, because let me tell you, people don’t get half as mad at you when you come shooting a gun at them than they do when you start telling them everything they think they know is wrong, and here’s why.

They also tried to kill him once.  But that didn’t work.  He sort of ended up being immortal; heroes tend to do that.  It’s a long story.

But, that was a long time ago.  He left us with a lot of stories, and a lot of history.  But he left us.  He’s gone now.  At least that’s what they say.  He said he’d come back one day, when we weren’t expecting it, and when we needed him the most.  But that was a long time ago.  And things are pretty bad now.  Some of us just keep waiting for him.  Hoping that he’ll save us before the end, like he did the first time.  Too many of us act like he was never a hero to begin with, and we just sort of saved ourselves or something.

Me?  I say he never left.  I say he’s always been around, as the voice in the back of our heads telling us what we should be doing.  He was more than just a hero; he was a symbol.  He was the guy who somehow got it all right when none of us ever could.  He’s the ideal that us normal people can look up to and try to be like, even if we’ll never come close.

What we wanted we someone who would solve all our problems.  But what we needed was someone who would tell us how to solve our own problems.  He knew that.  We didn’t.


{Here’s to you, hero of worlds.  Here’s to you.}


3 thoughts on “The Hero

      • Part of me wants to reply to you, showing that I’ve acknowledged your reply, but another part of me believes that it does not matter in the end. It’s obvious which side has won. In any case; my lurking has become something of a routine. I’m here at least once per day to see what you’ve written up next. Call me a fan, I guess. exceptimstillkindofshy

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