CBFD (a)

Ever since I was a young boy (though not quite that young), I have heard stories, nay, legends, about a video game for the Nintendo 64 home entertainment system known only by the moniker “Conker’s Bad Fur Day”.  Published back in 2001 by Rareware, this game has constantly been touted as a cult classic due to its unique flavor of irreverent and mature humor packaged in the guise of a colorful adventure/platformer.  For years I’ve been intrigued by its existence, as I fancy myself a fan of those that dare to take the road less travelled, but I really never knew anything about it other than, “It’s an M-rated cartoon game made by the people that did Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64; what more need be said?”  While I’ve always wanted to play it and see for myself, I’ve never been one that enjoys crude humor, even if done well, and so I’ve held back time and time again.  Last week, however, I finally bit the bullet and told myself that I would purchase this hallowed gem and experience the wonder of times gone by.

Then I went on eBay and couldn’t find a single cart that closed at under seventy U.S. dollars, out of hundreds of active auctions.

“So it’s one of those games,” I say to myself as I re-experience the lost joy of price-sniping back before Buy It Now was a thing.  Then after three lost auctions I just find a Buy It Now anyways, which ironically ended up costing less than the closing prices of all the auctions I didn’t win.  Ahh, the short-sightedness of the rabid internet consumer.

{Actual commentary to follow at a later date; I’m really just putting this up here to remind myself to talk about it}


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