Believer – Scene 5h

“Ehh, well, that’s why it’s here.”  She walks off to clean some other table, leaving Cecile to ponder the parallels between sandwich shop pinball machine prizes, church raffles, and the state lottery.  Finding that she doesn’t have a quarter in her pocket to begin with, she shrugs and leaves the arcade machine to its own devices, wandering back to Marcie and Luke who are just finishing up exchanging their money for goods and services.

“This is a really nice place,” she comments over their shoulders.

“See?  I told you it was gonna be,” Luke responds, handing her her wrap.  “Beats a coffee shop, unless you wanna live off muffins and chocolate all year.”

“You know, I’d like to think some people actually do that.”

He gives her a half-hearted “ehh” and equally half-hearted shoulder shrug, and the three of them carve out a segment of unoccupied lounge area for themselves.  In between bites of whatever Marcie and Luke actually ended up getting her—which she’s pretty sure contains roast beef somewhere in there—her brain ruminates on how long “some people” actually could survive on nothing but muffins and chocolate.


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