Shards of the Glass Ceiling

Take the hard working and oppressed female.  Trapped in an office building for all eternity.  Intelligent, resourceful.  Misappropriated.  Ignored by her superiors.  Resentful that she does not get the credit she deserves.  A person like her should be allowed to take her future for herself, and instead she is crushed against the glass ceiling.

The tension builds.  The injustice mounts.  She pulls her hair and drinks herself to sleep more often than not.  And sometimes, it feels like the only thing she can do in the world that will mean anything is either kill herself, or kill those in her way.

She wants to kill them.  To save her future she needs to kill them.  She is prepared to kill them.  She will kill them.  She has planned how she will kill them.  Everything is ready but the killing.

But someone does it before she does.

A freak accident.  A freak coincidence.  The killer is brought to justice, the case is closed.  And she goes through everything she would have gone through had she done it herself.  The corporate advancement.  The money.  The power.  The confusion. The guilt.

She feels like she was the one who did it.

But she didn’t.

And she realizes, in the end, that killing was never the way.

{A very unstructured idea for a story, but hopefully it makes enough sense to people who are not me.}


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