Invasion (a)

“When the invaders came, they didn’t come in a spaceship.  They didn’t crawl out of a portal from hell.  They didn’t even march out of some government laboratory.  They were just HERE.  As if they’ve always been around.

“They didn’t target cities or military bases or government buildings, they went straight for our farms, our mines, our refineries, our factories, our power plants, in every corner of the world.  We fought them, they fought back, but they never started the fights; they just sat on their captured land and captured more wherever and whenever they could.

“We learned too late that we were being sieged, in the most and yet least obvious ways.  First we started running low on missiles.  Then grenades, then bullets.  Then vehicles, then gasoline.  Then food, then power.  They never needed to kill our soldiers; all they needed to do was kill the economy supporting them.  They’d stolen everything we needed to survive, and they were using it to survive themselves.”


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