Change happens.

The world changes.  Every day there is a new world, a changed world, slightly different than before.  And we change with it, every day.  This change is good; if the world did not change, the world would be dead.  Change is life.  These are the changes that no one controls, and that everyone must adapt to, because this change will never stop.

But then there is the change this is controlled.  Controlled by those on high.  And those down low cry out for change.  They say the are displeased with what they have, that it is wrong, that it must be changed and made right.  Those on high listen.  They change what is wrong and make it right.  And yet, they still cry for change.  They still say it is wrong.  With every change, they cry for more change.

They do not know what they want.

It was never wrong, and changing it did not make it right.  It was blue, and was changed to red.  Those who like red are pleased.  Those who do not, are not.  Those on high change it to violet; now all are displeased equally.  Those on high change it to red, then blue, then red, then blue, weekly, even daily.  Now all experience a cycle of pleasure and displeasure, and they cry out, asking why their color is not favored over the other.

What they want is neither red, nor blue.  What they want is platinum: perfection on earth.  But what is perfection on earth?  Perfection on earth is defined by mortal means, mortal values, mortal desires, things which themselves are susceptible to change.  It is not universal, it is not constant, and thus, not attainable for any length of time they would accept.  True perfection is that which cannot be defined by mortal means, and thus cannot be comprehended by mortal beings.  Would they be given every change they desire, they would still desire more change.  To them, anything imperfect must be changed until it is made perfect, even though they do not know what perfect means.  They do not know that they cannot have perfection, only that they want it.

They ask for change, and then are angered when the change is not the change they wish for.  In fact, they are more angered now because of the change than they were before it.  If the change had never happened, they would still be angry, but they would accept their anger.  They would adapt to the fact that there is no change, and their anger would subside.  The potential for change creates the potential for anger, because it creates the potential for additional failure in their eyes.  When there is no change, no one can be blamed for what is perceived as wrong, because is it simply “wrong” inherently.  When there is change, those who changed it may be blamed, because whether it was a change for the better or the worse, the final product is not perfect, and thus they will blame the changer for its imperfections.  They do not understand that those on high who changed it are not capable of perfection, only that they want perfection, and those on high are not giving it to them.


Be content.

Be content with imperfection, for it is all we have.

Take the good with the bad, for it is the only we we can take it.

Always wish that change will make things better, but always prepare that change will make things worse.  In this way, you will not be blindsided by the bad, and you will be pleasantly surprised with the good.



{Here is some more specific perspective:

Player:  omg this char so broken ohko every time devs plz nerf

Development:  After substantial player feedback and testing, we have concluded that the character is indeed more powerful then we intended during initial design, and have scaled back their statistics accordingly.  We hope this will make for a much more constructive gaming experience, for both those who play the character, and those who play against them.

Player:  wtf char so useless now bottom tier nvr play again gg devs trash this fail pick

Development:  Responding to vast outcry from the player-base, we are performing an extensive overhaul on this character’s design, so as to better represent our initial vision for the character’s role in the game.

Player:  jesus h christ overhaul wtf w2g devs cant design for shit thsi game sux

Development:  Character redesign is taking longer than expected; it’s an involved process with lots of knobs to tweak as we leverage original intent with existing mechanics.  Please be patient and bear with us; we’re confident that the new revision will be a large step up.

Player:  omg devs rework whar ben w8ing years char gonna suck 4ever devs soooo lazy

Development:  Now presenting the new and improved version you’ve all been waiting for!  We feel that this new design really reflects the spirit of the original whist maintaining competitive ability.

Player:  the hell char totally dif now doesnt handle lik orig at all this sucks previous version wuz better

Development:  We are adding a few supplemental buffs to the reworked version of the character to better mesh with the current state of the game as a whole.

Player:  omg this char so broken ohko every time devs plz nerf}

{This is the song that never ends; it just goes on and on, my friends…}


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