You do not understand

You do not understand.

When you lash out at me and tell me I am wrong, even if I am wrong, you emerge no better.

You perceive me as acting unjustly superior, and wish to rectify this error.  But in doing so, you yourself become the one who appears unjustly superior.  You have lowered yourself to the level you believe I am at.

I opened my mouth, and showed the world that I was stupid, as Samuel Clemens once said.  Your mouth was closed.  Then you opened your mouth to tell me I was stupid, and you thus showed the world that you are stupid as well.

Know this:  I am not redeemed by your actions.  Your loss is not my gain, for I have already lost and am out of the game.  But where there was one fool before, now there are two.  And who is more foolish, the fool, or the fool who argues with him?

You cannot fight wrong with wrong.  A wrong man will destroy himself in his wrongful ways, if only you step out of the way and let him.  Do not seek to divine your own justice and right wrongs of your own accord, for who are you to judge?  Are you more perfect than the wrongdoer?  Is he more perfect than you?  Who is the right man, and who is the wrong man?

The danger with righting wrongs is that all are wrong, in some way.  All are blind, and the blind cannot lead the blind.  There is no such thing as “less blind” or “more blind”.  Blind is blind, in the eyes of one who can truly see.  Thus, let the one who can see be the leader of the blind.

And do not presume that you are that one with sight.


{I often have conversations in which I voice my opinion too “matter-of-factly” and appear pompous.  I know I shouldn’t do this, and just as often catch a lot of heat for it.  Rather than get angry, I wrote this.}


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