Misc. Scrap 15 – Here are some

Here is a man who knows the truth, and the truth drove him mad.  He was once a guardian, charged with protecting the great treasures and knowledge of the land from those who were unworthy.  But he realized that NONE were worthy:  all were hypocrites pretending to be clean, or degenerates who took pleasure in being filthy.  He now butchers with impunity, sparing no one, and is called a reject of society because of it.

Here is a boy who saw the truth and chose not to be a part of it.  He saw his friends and comrades march off to fight the pointless war, changing their banner to win glory for themselves which believed they could not achieve in their homeland.  The boy, outraged, swore to fight against these traitors under the banner of his homeland, and prove that it was just as great, if not moreso.  The sadness is that now he too fights the pointless war.

{Not sure why this didn’t post last night, so I’m reposting it.}

{Not completely sure who either of these characters are; I just wrote them down.}


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